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Exploring how avalable NHS data can be used to show the inequality gap in mental healthcare

By Open Public Services Network (2015)

This project, funded by the Cabinet Office Public Sector Transparency Board, set out to explore how far public data about mental health services could be turned into useful public information for people using those services, their families and local communities.

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Socioeconomic Inequality of Access to Healthcare: Does Patients’ Choice Explain the Gradient? Evidence from the English NHS

By Centre for Health Economics (2015)

Equity of access is a key policy objective in publicly-funded healthcare systems. Using data on patients undergoing non-emergency heart revascularization procedures in the English NHS, this research paper finds evidence of significant differences in waiting times within public hospitals between patients with different socioeconomic status (up to 35% difference between the most and least deprived population quintiles).

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Health on the high street

By The Royal Society for Public Health (2015)

A league table of the “unhealthiest High Streets” has named Preston as the UK’s worst offender.

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Tackling health inequalities: the case for investment in the wider public health workforce

By Royal Society for Public Health Vision, Voice & Practice (2014)

This report calls for greater investment and better understanding of the impact of the wider public health workforce – people who are not professionally qualified public health practitioners, but have the ability or opportunity to positively impact public health in their community. This includes health trainers, health champions, and non-health professionals. It argues that this “wider workforce” could be instrumental in reducing the burden of health inequalities – the financial cost of which was last estimated at close to £60bn.

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Implementing a health 2020 vision: governance for health in the 21st century

By WHO (2013)

This review of inequities in health across the 53 Member States of the Region was commissioned to support the development of the new European policy framework for health and well-being, Health 2020. The report builds on the global evidence and recommends policies to reduce health inequities and the health divide across all countries, including those with low incomes.

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Reducing health inequalities: the challenge of public health

By The British Council (2013)

This think piece suggests that a solution to tackling inequalities in public health lies with creating co-produced services which utilise the assets within people. It draws from findings of the People Powered Health project, as well as horizon scans from around the world to explore the capacity within people and communities to help themselves and each other.

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