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Smoking and mental health

By the Royal College of Physicians (2013)

This report argues that smoking in people with mental health conditions is neglected by the NHS. It reveals that much of the substantially lower life expectancy of people with mental disorders relates to smoking, which is often overlooked during the management and treatment of their mental health condition. It makes recommendations for all mental health services to become smoke-free areas and for increased smoking cessation support for people with mental disorders.

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Guidance for commissioners on ensuring the continuity of health care services

By Monitor (March 2013)

Commissioner requested services are services which local commissioners believe should continue to be provided locally if any individual provider is at risk of failing financially. This framework sets out an end-to-end process that guides commissioners from initiating the work of designating services as commissioner requested services through to deciding which services should be defined as location specific services in the event that a provider fails financially. In addition to this guidance, an interactive toolkit has also been developed to guide commissioners through the framework and to provide a mechanism to record the evidence used and the thinking underlying a decision to designate or not.

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Directory of diagnostic services for commissioning organisations

By NHS Improvement (March 2013)

This guide brings together information about all of the diagnostic modalities to inform decisions about commissioning diagnostic services. The resources have been developed by national clinical directors for endoscopy, imaging, pathology and physiological diagnostics in conjunction with NHS Improvement and the services that they have worked with.

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Cost effectiveness of telehealth for patients with long term conditions (Whole Systems Demonstrator telehealth questionnaire study); nested economic evaluation in a pragmatic, cluster randomised controlled trial

By Henderson, C. et al. BMJ, doi: 10.1136/bmj.f1035

This study found that the quality adjusted life year gain by patients using telehealth in addition to usual care was similar to that by patients receiving usual care only, and total costs associated with the telehealth intervention were higher. It concludes that telehealth does not seem to be a cost effective addition to standard support and treatment.

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Transforming local care: community healthcare rises to the challenge

By NHS Confederation (2013)

This briefing shows how the community health sector is driving the transformation of local care systems, and how innovative community healthcare providers are enabling people to stay healthy and independent and avoid crises that lead to unplanned hospital admissions. It also details the challenges that need to be overcome to build upon this work and drive forward the necessary shift of care into the community.

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Falling drug use: the impact of treatment

By National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse (2013)

This commentary piece accompanies the release of prevelance data on the usage of opiates and crack cocaine. It identifies a shift away from more harmful drugs, particularly amongst younger users and this is mirrored by a fall in the number of people entering treatment for drug dependency.

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Patient online: the road map

By Royal College of General Practitioners (2013)

This guidance aims to support GP practices in providing online access for patients. It looks at the principles of online access to records by patients; steps to offering access; and the principles around training, education and support for practices. Issues around information governance, including third party data and GP workload, are taken into account.

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