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Tackling the causes and effects of obesity

By Local Government Association (2015)

This report argues that health problems associated with being overweight or obese cost the country £5 billion per year, with numbers of people with obesity predicted to more than double in the next 40 years. It warns that councils do not have enough money in their public health budgets to properly tackle obesity once mandatory services such as sexual health and drug and alcohol services have been paid for. The report calls for a fifth of existing VAT raised on sweets, crisps, takeaway food and sugary drinks to go to boost council-run grassroots initiatives with a proven track record, such as leisure activities and health awareness campaigns.

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Can food vouchers improve nutrition and reduce health inequalities in low-income mothers and young children: a multi-method evaluation of the experiences of beneficiaries and practitioners of the Healthy Start programme in England

McFadden, A. et al. BMC Public Health, 2014; 14:148

Good nutrition is important during pregnancy, breastfeeding and early life to optimise the health of women and children. It is difficult for low-income families to prioritise spending on healthy food. Healthy Start is a targeted United Kingdom (UK) food subsidy programme that gives vouchers for fruit, vegetables, milk, and vitamins to low-income families. This paper reports an evaluation of Healthy Start from the perspectives of women and health practitioners.

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Associations between exposure to takeaway food outlets, takeaway food consumption, and body weight in Cambridgeshire, UK: population based, cross sectional study

Burgoine, T. BMJ 2014;348:g1464

The Independent reports that “encountering too many takeaway outlets near our homes, workplaces and even on the daily commute to work could be increasing our risk of obesity”. The headline is based on a new study looking at whether the density of fast food outlets in some areas is contributing towards the obesity epidemic. This ‘Behind the headlines’ article examines the evidence behind the reports.

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Summary of the National Child Measurement Programme and nutrition and healthy weight regional events

By Public Health England (2014)

In winter 2013, PHE held 6 regional events focused on child obesity, the NCMP, healthy weight and nutrition. The child obesity and NCMP workshops enabled PHE to get a better insight to current child obesity and NCMP implementation. This document summarises the events and their outcomes.

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Attitudes to weight and weight management in the early teenage years: a qualitative study of parental perceptions and views

Wills, W.J. et al. Health Expectations, 2014; doi: 10.1111/hex.12182

This paper explores parents’ perceptions of, and views about, their teenage children’s weight and the factors that influence parents’ weight management strategies.

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Joined up clinical pathways for obesity

By NHS England (2014)

This report recommends greater clarity around how obesity care in England is commissioned. It aims to support more equitable access to obesity and weight management services, including obesity surgery, across the country.

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Adolescent obesity and nutrition: research summary

By Association for Young Peoples Health (2013)

A larger proportion of young people are obese now than in the 1970s and 1980s. As a result, adolescent obesity is now a major public health issue. Understanding its prevalence, the health implications, and how to intervene are all critical. This paper presents an overview of the issues, and a useful selection of key, up-to-date findings on adolescent nutrition and obesity. This is the latest in a series of research summaries produced by the Association for Young People’s Health (AYPH) with support from the Child and Maternal Health Intelligence Network, PHE.

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