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Commissioning guidance for specialist palliative care: helping to deliver commissioning objectives

By National Council for Palliative Care et al. (2012)

This guidance aims to provide commissioners with the key information that they need to help them commission specialist palliative care, as a specific component of the whole spectrum of palliative and end of life care service provision.

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Progress in making NHS efficiency savings

By the National Audit Office (2012)

“The NHS has made a good start in making substantial efficiency savings in the first year of the four-year period when it needs to achieve savings of up to £20 billion. To build on these savings and keep pace with the growing demand for healthcare, it will need to change the way health services are provided and to do so more quickly.”

Amyas Morse, head of the National Audit Office, 13 December 2012

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Action on obesity: comprehensive care for all

By Royal College of Physicians (2013)

This report outlines the issues around obesity in the UK, including the variations in treatment across the country, the related health issues, and the wider impact on public health. It sets out recommendations on how the NHS could adapt to meet the demands of an increasingly obese nation.

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Improving the use of medicines for better outcomes and reduced waste: an action plan

By the Steering Group on Improving the Use of Medicines (2012)

This report looks at ways of improving the use of medicines and tackling avoidable wastage in primary and community care, secondary care, and in care homes and end of life care. It also looks at how patients can be better engaged in decisions about their medicines as well as how information can be better provided to patients and health and care professionals. The action plan outlines how best practice could be shared across the NHS in the future.

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Drugs and alcohol Payment by Results (PbR) pilot evaluation: scoping and feasibility report

By National Drug Evidence Centre, University of Manchester (2012)

This report, commissioned by the Department of Health, looks at a pilot project which took a new approach to commissioning and delivering drug and alcohol misuse treatment.

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Making integrated out-of-hospital care a reality

By NHS Confederation (2012)

This report discusses the foundations for integrated care for adults, children and young people, with a focus on implementing out of hospital care, and connecting primary, community and social care. It highlights key evidence and draws on learning from partners across health and social care.

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Outcomes benchmarking support packs: LA level: Lancashire

By NHS Commissioning Board (2012)

These information packs set out key data at local authority and CCG level to inform the local position on outcomes. The local authority level packs present high level comparative information on the NHS, the adult social care and the public health frameworks. The CCG level packs provide a more detailed analysis of NHS outcomes and other relevant indicators.

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