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Covid-19 and the nation’s mental health Forecasting needs and risks in the UK: May 2020

By The Centre for Mental Health (2020)

This briefing seeks to use evidence from existing research about the likely impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the mental health of the UK population. It draws on published evidence to make projections about the potential impacts and which groups within the population face the highest risks to their mental health as a result of the crisis.

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Health Equity in England: The Marmot Review 10 years on

By Institute of Health Equity (Feb 2020)

This report, Health equity in England: The Marmot Review 10 years on, was commissioned by the Health Foundation, to explore what has happened to health inequalities and social determinants of health in the decade since the Marmot Review. We provide in-depth analysis of health inequalities in England and assess what has happened in key social determinants of health, positively and negatively, in the last 10 years. Critically, we set out an agenda for the Government and local authorities to take action to reduce health inequalities in England. This agenda is based on evidence and practical action evidence from the Marmot Review, and enhanced by new evidence from the succeeding decade, including evidence and learning from practical experience of implementing approaches to health inequalities in England and internationally.

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Delivering the NHS Long-Term Plan’s ambition of ageing well: Old age psychiatry as a vital resource

By Royal College of Psychiatrists (2019)

This guidance is to help local areas plan and deliver specialist services, led by old age psychiatrists, to meet the needs of older people. It  brings together views from older people, service users, carers and a wide range of health and social care professionals.

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Universal approaches to improving children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing

By Public Health England (2019)

This report, and associated documents, summarises the evidence for the effectiveness of universal approaches to improving children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing. The documents are intended for strategic and operational leads, working on children and young people’s mental health.

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What good looks like

By The Association of Directors of Public Health (2019)

The Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH) and Public Health England (PHE) have co-produced a series of ‘What Good Looks Like’ (WGLL) publications that set out the guiding principles of ‘what good quality looks like’ for population health programmes in local systems.

The WGLL publications are based on the evidence of ‘what works and how it works’ including effectiveness, efficiency, equity, examples of best practices, opinions and viewpoints and, where available a return on investment.

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Free e-learning – All our health

By Public Health England (2019)

Public Health England has launched new free bite-sized e-learning sessions, developed in partnership with Health Education England, to improve the knowledge, confidence and skills of all health and care professionals in preventing illness, protecting health and promoting wellbeing.
The sessions cover some of the biggest issues in public health and they contain signposting to trusted sources of helpful evidence, guidance and support to help professionals embed prevention in their everyday practice.
You can access the All Our Health e-learning sessions here

NHS long term plan case studies

The NHS Long Term Plan will make sure the NHS is fit for the future.
Find out through our case studies and films about how the NHS is already making significant changes and developing to better meet the needs of patients and their families through every stage of life.

View case studies by topic:
Integrated care
Learning disabilities
Mental health
Personalised care
Primary care
Urgent and emergency care

View case studies by life stage:
Starting well
Better care for major health conditions
Ageing well