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Hidden in plain sight: the unmet mental health needs of older people

By Age UK (2016)

According to this report, the current availability of mental health services does not meet the increasingly high demand from an ageing population. It also found that over a third of mental health trusts in England have no policies for providing integrated care for people over 65 with both mental and physical health needs.

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Excellence in continence care: practical guidance for commissioners, providers, health and social care staff and information for the public

By NHS England (2015)

This guidance finds that increased preventative services, good quality, easily available information and advice, as well as integrated health and social care could have a significant impact on the numbers of children and adults suffering with continence issues and the severity of their health and social problems. It brings together the most up-to-date evidence based resources and research to support commissioners and providers of health services to enable them to make real and lasting changes to raise standards of care for continence. It encourages greater collaboration between health and social care, working in partnership with the third sector, as set out in the NHS Five Year Forward View.

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I’m still me….a narrative for coordinated support for older people

By National Voices (2014)

This document, produced in collaboration with UCLPartners and Age UK, sets out how integrated care and support looks and feels to older people and is written from their point of view. It outlines five themes that older people say are key to coordinated support: independence, community interactions, decision making, care and support and terminology.

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Going home alone: counting the cost to older people and the NHS

By Royal Voluntary Service (2014)

This report, written in association with The King’s Fund, argues that older people returning home from hospital without enough support are more than twice as likely to be readmitted within three months. It argues that older people and their families, doctors, nurses, other charities, the general public and commissioners working together we can challenge the rising readmission rates for older people, to the benefit of everyone.

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Immune response: adult immunisation in the UK: improving access to vaccination for older people

By International Longevity Centre (November 2013)

This report sets out an argument for adult immunisation in the UK as a preventative public health intervention within broader healthy ageing strategies as a cost-effective measure. It highlights a number of policy recommendations that include: JSNAs taking a life-course approach to immunisation; health and wellbeing boards ensuring that that life-course vaccination is adequately considered as part of health planning and commissioning; and that commissioning arrangements for immunisation should support the uptake of adult vaccination.

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