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Socioeconomic Inequality of Access to Healthcare: Does Patients’ Choice Explain the Gradient? Evidence from the English NHS

By Centre for Health Economics (2015)

Equity of access is a key policy objective in publicly-funded healthcare systems. Using data on patients undergoing non-emergency heart revascularization procedures in the English NHS, this research paper finds evidence of significant differences in waiting times within public hospitals between patients with different socioeconomic status (up to 35% difference between the most and least deprived population quintiles).

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Exploring patient choice in GP services

By Monitor (2014)

The report presents the findings of a review into how GP services are working for patients, with a specific focus on the role of choice and competition. The review drew on a variety of sources of evidence; a commissioned survey of 3,200 patients, interviews with 25 GP providers and spoke to and gathered information from NHS England, CQC and other stakeholders.

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