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Developing payment by results for sexual health

By Department of Health (April 2013)


Performance of Payment by Results pilot areas: April 2012-February 2013

By Department of Health (2013)

This document provides an overview of the performance to date of the drugs and alcohol recovery PbR pilots. It covers 11 months from the start of the PbR pilots in April 2012 to the latest data available at the end of February 2013.

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Payment by results: how can payment systems help to deliver better care?

┬áBy The King’s Fund (2012)

This report reviews the role and objectives of payment systems in the English NHS, focusing on Payment by Results (PbR), which accounts for around 30 per cent of the total English NHS budget. It also considers the experiences of other countries using similar payment systems. It explores whether such systems are still fit for purpose, given changing policies and priorities, such as the need for disease prevention, the prevalence of long-term conditions, the changing economic environment. It argues that more flexibility should be encouraged in payment systems to accommodate change and offer the right incentives for cost-effective, high-quality care, and considers the policy implications of this.

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Pay-for-performance in the United Kingdom: impact of quality and outcomes framework: a systematic review

Gillam, S. et al. Annals of Family Medicine, 2012; 10(5): 461-468

Primary care practices in the United Kingdom have received substantial financial rewards for achieving standards set out in the Quality and Outcomes Framework since April 2004. This article reviews the growing evidence for the impact of the framework on the quality of primary medical care.

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Delivering drugs and alcohol recovery bulletin

By Department of Health (2012)

This is the online bulletin for the Payment by Results for Recovery Pilot Programme. You will find all the latest news about the programme, events to promote payment by results and hear from our pilot sites on how implementation is progressing.

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