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Interventions to promote physical activity in young people conducted in the hours immediately after school: a systemmatic review

By Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (2012)

The authors’ objectives were to review the effectiveness of interventions to promote physical activity conducted in the hours immediately after school among young people. They concluded that limitations in study methods and problems with intervention implementation may explain the lack of effectiveness observed for interventions to promote physical activity among young people in the after-school setting. They stated that further research was needed. Their conclusions appear reliable and recommendations for further research appropriate.

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BCG vaccination in England since 2005: a survey of policy and practice

Pilger, D. et al. BMJ Open, 2012; 2: e001303

The aim of this study was to assess the current BCG vaccination policies and delivery pathways for immunisation in primary care trusts (PCTs) in England since the 2005 change in recommendations.

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The assistant practitioner role in children and young people’s services: working party report and recommendations for practice

By The Royal College of Nursing (2012)

This publication examines the background and development of the assistant practitioner role in children and young people’s services and looks at key policy issues as well as detailing recommendations for future development and implementation.

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Tackling childhood obesity – National Childhood Measurement Programme

By ChaMPs (2012)

This film features the National Child Measurement Programme, a mandatory function that is soon to move from NHS to local authority control. The Director of Public Health for Knowsley talks about the importance of the programme and lessons learned and a local head teacher comments on how it is more effectively run through schools.

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PCT CCG spend and outcome factsheets and tool

By Yorkshire & Humber Public Health Observatory (2012)

This tool helps commissioners to link health outcomes and expenditure. Commissioners can use the tool and the factsheets to gain an overview of outcome and expenditure across all programmes. This tool has been updated to include CCGs.

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Catalyst councils: a new future for local public service delivery

By Localis (2012)

This report found that more than a third of council leaders and chief executives think that there are no local services that could not delivered by a 3rd party – whether a private or voluntary sector provider. It looks at alternative models of local public service delivery and highlights current examples which are being developed and implemented.

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Community mental health survey 2012

By Care Quality Commission (2012)

This survey of over 15,000 people on their experiences of community mental health services found that they are treated with dignity and respect by the health or social care worker they had seen most recently. However, some would have liked more support in getting help with aspects of day-to-day living.

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