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Dementia: opportunity for change

By The Alzheimer’s Society (2014)

This report provides a snapshot of how well people with dementia are living in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It draws together evidence from a survey of over 1,000 people with dementia

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Measuring up? The health of NHS cancer services

By Health Services Management Centre University of Birmingham (2014)

This report highlights key concerns regarding the pressures on NHS cancer services following the NHS reorganisation and the Health and Social Care Act 2012. It calls for urgent action to increase investment, particularly in diagnostic services, and also highlights the need to review both the leadership and commissioning of cancer services so they are fit to meet the looming demands of an ageing population and the predicted rapid increase in cancer cases.

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Making it work: a guide to whole system commissioning for sexual health, reproductive health and HIV

By Public Health England (2014)

This guidance aims to help commissioners ensure that service users experience integrated, responsive services that deliver the best outcomes. It highlights the importance of putting service users and their needs at the heart of commissioning to ensure they experience integrated, responsive services, and emphasises the importance of tackling the wider determinants of health.

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The good childhood report

By The Children’s Society (August 2014)

The latest report from The Children’s Society’s nine-year programme of research on children’s well-being provides new insights into how children in the UK feel about their lives, how this is changing over time and how they compare with children in other countries.

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Understanding the sexual exploitation of boys and young men: a UK scoping study summary of findings

By Barnardo’s et al (August 2014)

This research explores the ways in which boys and young men are being sexually exploited, whether boy’s experiences and support needs are different to girls and what services are currently available for boys and young men.

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Preventing suicide: a global imperative

By WHO (September 2014)

This report aims to increase awareness of the public health significance of suicide and suicide attempts, to make suicide prevention a higher priority on the global public health agenda, and to encourage and support countries to develop or strengthen comprehensive suicide prevention strategies in a multisectoral public health approach. It provides a global knowledge base on suicide and suicide attempts as well as actionable steps for countries based on their current resources and context to move forward in suicide prevention.

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A new settlement of health and social care: final report

By The King’s Fund (September 2014)

The Barker Report proposes a new approach that redesigns care around individual needs regardless of diagnosis, with a graduated increase in support as needs rise, particularly towards the end of life.

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