20 electronic books have been purchased and are all freely available for Public Health Lancashire staff . See below for the full list of titles.

You will need a Public Health Lancashire Athens username to access these books. To apply for a username click here

To access the e-books please follow the following steps:

  1.  Click here to access the e-books homepage
  2. Click on ‘Sign in’ and then choose the ‘OpenAthens Login’
  3. Once you have entered your Public Health Lancashire Athens username and password you will be logged in. Click on the ‘ebook catalogue’ tab to view the 20 titles to which you have full access.

The full list of ebook titles

  • Doing a literature review in health and social care: a practical guide. 3rd ed. by H. Aveyard (2014)
  • Health and inequality: applying public health research to policy and practice by A.M. Tod (2014)
  • The essential guide to public health and health promotion by S.R. Thompson (2014)
  • Promoting healthy behaviour: a practical guide. 2nd ed. by D. Upton & K. Thirlaway (2014)
  • Leading public health: a contemporary framework by J. Begun & J. Malcolm (2014)
  • Partnership working in public health by D.J. Hunter & N. Perkins (2014)
  • Preparing the public health workforce: educational pathways for the field and the classroom by R.M. Caron (2014)
  • M2 models and methodologies for community engagement by R. Tiwari (2014)
  • Community-based interventions: philosophy and action by J.W. Murphy (2014)
  • Delivering personal health budgets: a guide to policy and practice by V. Alakeson (2014)
  • Key themes in public health by M. Thurston (2014)
  • Knowledge partnering for community development by R. Eversole (2014)
  • Oxford handbook of public health practice. 3rd ed. by C. Guest (2013)
  • Public health policy: issues, theories and advocacy by D. Bhattacharya (2013)
  • Public health practice: what works  by J. E. Fielding (2012)
  • Making health policy. 2nd ed. by K. Buse & N. Mays (2012)
  • Public health and epidemiology at a glance by M. Somerville (2012)
  • Managing public services: implementing changes: a thoughtful approach to the practice of management. 2nd ed. by T.L. Doherty & T. Horne (2009)
  • A guide to conducting prevention research in the community: first steps by J.G. Kelly (1989)
  • Community-based systems of long term care by R.T. Zawadski (1984)

We welcome suggestions from Public Health Lancashire staff on e-book titles or subject areas in which we can purchase e-books.

Please email sarah.woodhall@lthtr.nhs.uk with your suggestions.


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