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Understanding the sexual exploitation of boys and young men: a UK scoping study summary of findings

By Barnardo’s et al (August 2014)

This research explores the ways in which boys and young men are being sexually exploited, whether boy’s experiences and support needs are different to girls and what services are currently available for boys and young men.

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A tobacco-free future: an all-island report on tobacco, inequalities and childhood

By Institute of Public Health in Ireland (2013)

The central aim of the report is to contribute to knowledge on the exposure of children to the harmful effects of tobacco smoke at various stages of their development. The findings of the report can support policy makers and service providers in their efforts to make tobacco-free childhoods a reality on the
island of Ireland.

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Delivering accident prevention at local level in the new public health system: part 1 – context

By The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (July 2013)

This handbook sets out the current level of accidents and their associated costs, and outlines how accident prevention fits into the new arrangements for public health. It also includes case studies, fact sheets and research papers, highlighting how accident prevention can be delivered successfully, with subjects including falls prevention, home safety for under-5s, water safety, local transport plans and how to link up with other agendas such as child welfare.

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SAFER communication guidelines

By Department of Health (2013)

These guidelines aim to improve the communication between health visitors and local authority children’s social care teams using the SAFER process. It covers what should be considered before referral, and provides support for efficient and appropriate telephone referrals of children who may be suffering, or are likely to suffer significant harm.

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Protecting people promoting health: a public health approach to violence prevention for England

By Department of Health (2012)

This report presents new figures on the cost of violence, estimating national costs to the NHS and a wider cost to society, in order to provide information and evidence for policy makers and commissioners to use in developing preventative approaches with strategic partners. It aims to increase awareness and strengthen commitment to prevention across government, NHS, local authorities, private and voluntary sectors as well as education, employers and other agencies.

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Running away

By Ofsted (October 2012)

This report documents the views of children living in care and asks why they ran away. As well as this, children in care were asked what they thought the dangers of running away were and what could be done to prevent them running.

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Intelligent procurement of placements for looked after young people caught up in gang culture: Lewisham Borough Council

By Ofsted (October 2012)

This good practice report describes how Lewisham Council and its partners build upon existing, strong placement and procurement practice to make ‘intelligent’ use of available knowledge and information on individual young people and the placements available to them. Young people are offered placements in a safe and appropriate environment, where their needs are suitably met and their connections to the gang culture can be challenged and severed.

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