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Monitoring poverty and social exclusion 2015

By Joseph Rowntree Association (2015)

This annual statistical review of poverty and social exclusion in the United Kingdom was commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and it addresses a broad range of indicators, spanning income, employment, social security, education, health, housing and homelessness. The report looks at changes over the last parliament and identifies key challenges going ahead. 

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Mental health crisis review – experiences of black and minority ethnic communities

By Race Equality Foundation (2015)

The Race Equality Foundation was commissioned by the Care Quality Commission to conduct a series of interviews and focus groups with black and minority ethnic people, in specific areas, who had experience of crisis care. These areas were: Ealing, Lambeth, Northampton, Sandwell and Southampton. This report presents the results of this work and provides an insight into patient experience of mental health crisis care from a BME perspective.

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Promising practice: enabling better access to primary care for vulnerable populations: examples of good local practice

By Inclusion Health (2014)

This report includes examples of good primary care that improves registration and access to care. It outlines what makes good practice and explains why the chosen approaches are successful in improving access to primary care.

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Ensuring human rights in the provision of contraceptive information and services: guidance and recommendations

By WHO (2014)

These WHO guidelines provide recommendations for programmes as to how they can ensure that human rights are respected, protected and fulfilled, while services are scaled up to reduce unmet need for contraception.

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Hidden needs: identifying key vulnerable groups in data collections: Vulnerable Migrants, Gypsies and Travellers, Homeless People, and Sex Workers

By Centre for Health Services Studies (2014)

This report argues that the health care needs of the most vulnerable groups in society not being met because of gaps in health information and data gaps. It is aimed at data providers, healthcare professionals, commissioners and others working to improve the health of the vulnerable groups and signposts the way to good data.

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Body mass index thresholds for intervening to prevent ill health among black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups

By NICE (2014)

This briefing recommends lowering BMI thresholds as a trigger for intervening to prevent ill health among adults from minority ethnicities. Further examples of recommendations include developing an integrated regional and local plan, and promoting early intervention among minority groups. It also suggests that by reconfiguring services to meet the health needs of their local populations, local authorities can reduce health inequalities and address the costs associated with ill health.

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Improving access to health care for Gypsies and Travellers, homeless people and sex workers

By RCGP (2013)

This guidance argues that radical changes are needed to meet the healthcare needs of vulnerable groups. It makes recommendations towards more communication and joined up working between health, social care and voluntary services targeted at marginalised groups; and greater integration between health and housing services to identify and treat health problems associated with poor living conditions.

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