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Specialist substance misuse services for young people: a rapid mixed-methods evidence review of current provision and main principles for commissioning

By Public Health England (2017)

PHE commissioned The Children’s Society to undertake scoping research, to understand some of the opportunities and challenges currently facing those now responsible for commissioning and delivering young people’s specialist substance misuse services and to outline some critical good practice principles. Four main commissioning principles have been developed for the commissioning and provision of specialist substance misuse provision for young people, based on the findings, research and evidence-based guidelines.

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Excellence in continence care: practical guidance for commissioners, providers, health and social care staff and information for the public

By NHS England (2015)

This guidance finds that increased preventative services, good quality, easily available information and advice, as well as integrated health and social care could have a significant impact on the numbers of children and adults suffering with continence issues and the severity of their health and social problems. It brings together the most up-to-date evidence based resources and research to support commissioners and providers of health services to enable them to make real and lasting changes to raise standards of care for continence. It encourages greater collaboration between health and social care, working in partnership with the third sector, as set out in the NHS Five Year Forward View.

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Making it better together: a call to action on the future of health and wellbeing boards

By Local Government Association (2015)

This call to action outlines a set of proposals to local system leaders and the government to strengthen the impact and leadership of health and wellbeing boards across the country. It also outlines the LGA and NHS Clinical Commissioners shared commitment to support boards to reach their full potential as system leaders driving forward changes that will improve the health of their communities.

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Transforming our health care system: 10 priorities for commissioners

By The King’s Fund (2015)

This paper sets out ten actions for commissioners to help them transform the health care system to deliver a more efficient and effective system with improved outcomes for patients. This paper was originally published in March 2011 and we have updated it to reflect changes within the NHS.

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Options for integrated commissioning: beyond Barker

By The King’s Fund (2015)

With around 400 separate local organisations each responsible for commissioning different health and social care services, the current organisational landscape is fragmented and unsustainable. Support is growing for a new settlement based on a single ring-fenced budget and a single local commissioner – as recommended by the Independent Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England, chaired by Kate Barker. This report explores the options for implementing that recommendation. It assesses evidence of past joint commissioning attempts, studies the current policy framework and local innovations in integrated budgets and commissioning, and considers which organisation is best place to take on the role of single local commissioner. It draws together findings from a body of work including a survey of existing joint arrangements, current evidence and examples, a seminar with pioneers of integration developments, and a national conference on integrated commissioning.

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A guide for CCGs: engaging the public in difficult decisions about health service

By NHS Clinical Commissioners (2015)

This guide draws on case studies of three different reconfiguration programmes and offers some tips on how to get your engagement right.

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Cancer waiting times: annual report, 2014-2015

By NHS England (2015)

The latest annual statistics on waiting times for suspected and diagnosed cancer patients accessing NHS services were released on 20th May 2015 by NHS England according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

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