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Health and social care priorities for the Government: 2015-2020

By The Nuffield Trust (2015)

This briefing outlines ten possible key health and social care priorities for the new government, covering funding and finance, quality of care, new models of care and workforce.

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20 ebooks relating to Public Health have been purchased and are all freely accessible to all Public Heath Lancashire staff with an Athens username and password. 

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Public Health England marketing strategy

By Public Health England (2014)

Our new national public health system represents a once in a lifetime
opportunity to improve people’s lives. In this document Public Health England’s
national health marketing team outlines how it will support this new system
to deliver.

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Public health in government: 1 year on

By Local Government Association (2014)

Public health made the formal transfer to local government in April 2013, with the hope of tackling the wider social and economic determinants of poor health. This publication aims to capture the thoughts of those working in the new system with contributions from councillors, directors of public health, providers, commissioners, GPs, academics and other key decision makers.

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Infection prevention and control

By NICE (2014)

This quality standard contains six statements designed to reduce infection rates, including a statement recommending that patients should be looked after by healthcare workers who always clean their hands thoroughly, both immediately before and immediately after contact or care. It also aims to tackle the growing threat of antibiotic resistance by recommending that antibiotics be prescribed only in accordance with local antibiotic formularies – as part of a system to stem resistance of infections to antibiotics.

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HCAI Reporting within Independent Sector healthcare organisations

By Public Health England (2014)

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Annual report of the Chief Medical Officer on the state of the public’s health: Surveillance Volume, 2012

By Department of Health (2014)

As well as presenting data and evidence, the report also comments on overarching trends. This year, information in the report suggests that we may need to rethink what is regarded as ‘normal’ in relation to our health and our society. Some of the main themes discussed in the report are obesity, national data on blindness and deafness and active travel.

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