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Examining new options and opportunities for providers of NHS care: The Dalton Review

By The Dalton Review (2014)

Sir David Dalton has conducted a review for the government on new options for providers of NHS care. The Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust Chief Executive considered issues such as whether local or non-geographical networks of hospitals and services could be brought together under a single leadership team. The review also explores how high-performing NHS organisations might lend their support to providers in difficulty.

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Whitehall monitor: deep impact? how government departments measured their impact, 2010-15

By Institute for Government (2015)

This report looks at one element of the Coalition’s performance measurement regime: impact indicators. These, part of each department’s business plans (which set out the actions each department would take), were designed ‘to help the public to judge whether our policies and reforms are having the effect they want’. This publication pulls together all the available data on the indicators and how they’ve moved over the parliament.

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Integrated care licence condition: guidance for providers of NHS-funded services

By Monitor (2015)

This guidance is for licensed providers of NHS-funded services in England and NHS trusts and it explains what is expected of NHS providers in relation to the integrated care licence condition and where Monitor may take action.

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Primary care co-commissioning: a survey of members’ views of their CCG and its role in primary care

By The King’s Fund (2015)

This slidepack presents the key findings from a survey of GPs in six CCGs. The survey explored members’ views of their CCG and its role in primary care. It was conducted by the Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund as part of a three year project, looking to understand how the CCGs at the heart of the NHS reforms are developing.

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Promoting physical activity for children and young people

By NICE (2015)

A summary of selected new evidence relevant to NICE public health guidance 17 ‘Promoting physical activity for children and young people’ (2009)

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Public money, local choice

By CIPFA (2015)

This interim report explains the themes and ideas that have been presented
to the Commission, outlines our emerging thinking, and seeks feedback on how
these ideas can be developed. The Commission’s purpose is not to lobby for extra
money but to propose a finance system that enables local communities to determine a level of funding to meet local decisions on service provision. The sustained cuts to councils’ central Government grant gives reform a new imperative — in an age of austerity we need to ensure that public sector funding is used effectively and creatively to support local and national ambition.

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Guidance to support the introduction of access and waiting times standards for mental health services in 2015/16

By NHS England (2015)

This guidance is aimed at CCGs and how new access and waiting time standards for mental health services are to be introduced. It explains the case for change in four areas and sets out the expectations of local commissioners for delivery during the year ahead working with providers and other partners.

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