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A systematic review of economic evaluations of local authority commissioned preventative public health interventions in overweight and obesity, physical inactivity, alcohol and illicit drugs use and smoking cessation in the United Kingdom

White, P. et al. Journal of Public Health, 2018,

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Since 2013, local authorities in England have been responsible for commissioning preventative public health interventions. The aim of this systematic review was to support commissioning by collating published data on economic evaluations and modelling of local authority commissioned public health preventative interventions in the UK.

Following the PRISMA protocol, we searched for economic evaluations of preventative intervention studies in four different areas: overweight and obesity, physical inactivity, alcohol and illicit drugs use and smoking cessation. The systematic review identified studies between January 1994 and February 2015, using five databases. We synthesized the studies to identify the key methods and examined results of the economic evaluations.

The majority of the evaluations related to cost-effectiveness, rather than cost-benefit analyses or cost-utility analyses. These analyses found preventative interventions to be cost effective, though the context of the interventions differed between the studies.

Preventative public health interventions in general are cost-effective. There is a need for further studies to support justification of continued and/or increased funding for public health interventions. There is much variation between the types of economically evaluated preventative interventions in our review. Broader studies incorporating different contexts may help support funding for local authority-sponsored public health initiatives.


Sustainability and transformation in the NHS

By National Audit Office (2018)

This report examines the progress the Department of Health
and Social Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement have
made towards achieving financial balance.

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Sustainability and transformation plans and partnerships

by House of Commons Library (2017)

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Sustainability and transformation plans in London: an independent analysis

By The King’s Fund

Earlier this year the Mayor of London asked The King’s Fund to undertake an independent assessment of London’s five sustainability and transformation plans (STPs). At a breakfast event this week we launched a joint report with the Nuffield Trust looking at the STPs, their content and common themes.

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Sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs)

By NHS England

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Emerging approaches Developing sustainability and transformation plan governance arrangements

By HFMA (2017)

The aim of this briefing is to explore the emerging governance arrangements being developed to support the delivery of sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) in the NHS. It provides a background to the introduction of STPs, a review of emerging plans and arrangements and a view on what is working well, alongside a summary of the areas where further work is required. The briefing pulls together experiences for finance staff and others to use in developing their own robust governance arrangements.

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Sustainability and Transformation Plans: Five key questions for planners

By Centre for Health & the Public Interest (2017)

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