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Sustainability and Transformation Plans: Five key questions for planners

By Centre for Health & the Public Interest (2017)

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Delivery Costs Extra: Can STPs Survive Without The Funding They Need?

By BMA (2017)

This BMA report analyses all 44 STP plans. It highlights concerns around poor engagement with clinicians, patients and the public. It also identifies that there is a challenging timeline for STP implementation and little in the way of firm commitment to deliver the plans. The report is also accompanied by a paper summarising each STP plan and a glossary of commonly used acronyms.

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Sustainability and Transformation Plans How serious are the proposals? A critical review

By London South Bank University (2017)

This report brings to the fore the challenge of NHS and Local Government collaboration. With local government democratically accountable to its local population, working to meet local needs; and with the NHS accountable through NHS England and NHS Improvement; planning together over a wider footprint in terms of population, with completely different accountabilities, means the starting point for STP-level collective decision-making and planning is a challenge. Layer on top of this the fact that the STP process is an NHS policy (not provided in partnership with the Department for Communities and Local Government), which is being translated by NHS leaders in STP footprints as a policy requirement for collective working and joint decisions with local government, where some of these decisions are likely to be challenged by local populations (and where local government clearly has to consult and represent local people’s views), and you have the recipe for a poor starting place for collaboration. Finally the lack of clarity about the relationship between populations (local and STP footprint) makes this a messy process without clear boundaries.

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Event in Manchester – Sustainability and transformation plans: moving towards implementation

Date: 6 Jun 2017

Time: 8.45am-4.30pm

Venue: Manchester Metropolitan University, Brooks Building, M15 6GX

Event type: Conference

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NHS England’s Next steps on the five year forward view, published in March, outlined the aim to use sustainability and transformation partnerships as the vehicle to make the ‘biggest national move to integrated care of any major western country’.

This event is for the leaders of primary care, community care, mental health, acute hospital, social care, housing, voluntary and public health services who are responsible for implementing the changes proposed in sustainability and transformation plans.

It has been designed to help local areas strengthen their proposals into fully developed plans and will tackle the most important questions facing them as they begin to consider how these changes will be implemented.

Delivering sustainability and transformation plans: from ambitious proposals to credible plans

By The King’s Fund (2017)

Our new report examines the content of the 44 sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) submitted in October last year, arguing that the challenge now is to translate ambitious proposals into credible plans focused on the most important priorities in each area.

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The sustainability and transformation plans: a critical assessment

By Centre for Health and the Public Interest (2017)

This report assesses the published drafts for STPs and it raises concerns around the credibility of the implementation measures outlined in the plans. It argues that the scale of the planned reduction in hospital services implies rationing and risks the collapse of some services.

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NHS needs £9.5bn to transform

By BMA  (2017)

This analysis of the 44 STPs in England estimates that £9.5bn of capital funding is required to create the infrastructure to deliver the plans. The BMA sent out a series of FOI requests and have compiled information for each STP area on the financial needs required to implement the plans in each area. 

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