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Dementia in older age: barriers to primary prevention and factors

By Public Health England (2017)

These evidence reviews, authored by the Personal Social Services Research Unit at the London School of Economics, aim to aid commissioners and researchers make decisions about prioritisation of primary prevention measures relevant to dementia. The reviews find evidence that changing some behaviours in midlife can reduce the chances of getting dementia in older age.

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How can and should the UK adjust to dementia?

By Joseph Rowntree Foundation (2015)

This publication explores the various ways in which adaptations and adjustments should be made to meet the growing demands of an ageing population with an increased prevalence of dementia. It argues that a more holistic approach encompassing more than health and social care services should be considered.

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Women and dementia: a global research review

By Alzheimer’s Disease International (2015)

The purpose of this report is to understand the main issues affecting women in relation to dementia from an international perspective. The report examines the effect of gender on three specific groups: women living with dementia; women caring for people with dementia in a professional caring role; women undertaking an informal caregiving role for someone with dementia. It also focuses on cross-cutting issues, including factors affecting women in low and middle income countries; family structures and kinship; and the effects of migration.

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The impact of primary care quality on inpatient length of stay for people with dementia: an analysis by discharge destination

By Centre for Health Economics (2015)

This paper examines whether the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) dementia review helps to achieve timely hospital discharge for dementia patients. It found that on average the length of stay in hospital for dementia patients is 18 days and that QOF dementia review had little effect on the length of stay.

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Dementia: opportunity for change

By The Alzheimer’s Society (2014)

This report provides a snapshot of how well people with dementia are living in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It draws together evidence from a survey of over 1,000 people with dementia

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Improving dementia: long-term care: a policy blueprint

By RAND Corporation (2014)

This document aims to provide a foundation upon which to build consensus among a set of stakeholders to set priorities and the sequencing of policy recommendations. The authors identified 25 high-impact policy options covering five broad objectives to improve dementia long-term services and supports delivery system, workforce, and financing.

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The triangle of care: carers included: a guide to best practice for dementia care

By Royal College of Nursing (2014)

The triangle of care is a model for dementia care that supports a partnership approach between the person with dementia (the patient), the staff member and carer. It is designed to ensure that carers are appropriately included and involved in the care of people with dementia, particularly in hospital settings.

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