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Revaluing parks and green spaces: measuring their economic and wellbeing value to individuals

By Fields in Trust (2018)

This report demonstrates that parks and green spaces across the UK provide people with over £34 billion of health and wellbeing benefits and generates savings to the NHS of at least £111 million per year. It calculates that parks provide a total economic value to each person in the UK of just over £30 per year and that this is higher for individuals from lower socio-economic groups and also from black and minority ethnic backgrounds.

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Not seen, not heard: A review of the arrangements for child safeguarding and health care for looked after children in England

By CQC (2016)

This report looks at how effective health services are in providing early help to children in need, the health and wellbeing of looked-after children and how these services identify and protect children at risk of harm. It concludes that health professionals have improved the way they assess risk and recognise safeguarding concerns, but that services are not consistently protecting and promoting the health and welfare of children. It urges a whole system response to do more to listen to and involve children in need in their care.

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North West Population Health & Prevention Network: promoting multi-professional Public Health Practice

North West Population Health and Prevention Network (NWPHPN) is a multi professional public health network funded by Health Education England working across the North West. The network supports and develops the public health contribution and role of the healthcare, social care and voluntary sector workforce (wider public health workforce) in the North West of England.

The network contributes to the vision set out in HEE Framework 15 and NHS Five Year Forward View 2014 – specifically the strategic intentions associated with reduced health inequalities and improved population health outcomes. Key characteristics of our future health care workforce includes preventing ill health and assisting people to manage their own health care as appropriate – NWPHPN will enable this role, helping to create healthy cultures in NHS organisations – starting with the workforce. (The Kings Fund)

The network is specifically aimed at supporting the health and wellbeing role of a wide range of professions across the medical, non-medical and social care workforce across a range of settings such as local authorities, primary and secondary care, community care and voluntary sector.

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Towards a new age: the future of the UK welfare state

By The International Longevity Centre (2016)

This publication features contributions from more than 20 leading public figures on the reforms necessary to ensure the future of the welfare state. It discusses the reforms to housing, health, education, the labour market, pension and welfare needed to ensure the future sustainability of the UK welfare state. The aim of the publication is to explore how population ageing might impact on the welfare state and what reforms to the welfare state might be necessary in order to ensure long run sustainability and maximise wellbeing?

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Years of Good Life Based on Income and Health: Re-Engineering Cost-Benefit Analysis to Examine Policy Impacts on Wellbeing and Distributive Justice

By Centre for Health Economics (2016)

This paper proposes a practical measure of individual wellbeing to facilitate the economic evaluation of public policies. It shows how evaluating policies in terms of years of good life gained can complement and generalise conventional cost-benefit analysis in terms of money. It also aims to show how years of good life could be measured in practice by harnessing readily available data on three important elements of individual wellbeing: income, health-related quality of life, and longevity.

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Public health transformation three years on: extending influence to promote health and wellbeing

By Local Government Association (2016)

This compilation of case studies shows how local authorities continue to make progress on improving health and wellbeing and tackling health inequalities since public health was formally transferred from the NHS in April 2013. These case studies were chosen because they show a range of ways in which public health in councils is approaching its new roles. They include councils spread across England, covering both rural and urban environments and with varying degrees of deprivation and affluence.

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Improving young people’s health and wellbeing: a framework for public health

By Public Health England (2014)

This framework has been developed as a resource to enable local areas in the delivery of their public health role for young people. It poses questions for councillors, health and wellbeing boards, commissioners, providers and education and learning settings to help them support young people to be healthy and to improve outcomes for young people.

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