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No quick fix: exposing the depth of Britain’s drug and alcohol problem

By The Centre for Social Justice (2013)

This report lays bare the reality of substance abuse and addiction in Britain today. This ongoing challenge affects millions of people and has huge costs. Alcohol abuse costs taxpayers £21 billion a year and drugs £15 billion. While costs matter, it is the human consequences that present the real tragedy. The abuse of substances is a pathway to poverty and can lead to family breakdown and child neglect, homelessness, crime, debt, and long-term worklessness. From its impact on children to its consequences for those in later life, addiction destroys lives, wrecks families and blights communities.

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Tackling health inequalities through developing evidence-based policy and practice with childbearing women in prison: A consultation

By Hallum Centre for Community Justice (2012)

A study mapped the health needs and healthcare of childbearing women in prison. Childbearing women in prison and their babies were more likely than the general population to experience perinatal and maternal mortality and morbidity, and might also suffer separation and distress that could be alleviated.

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Estimating the crime reductions benefits of drug treatment and recovery

By The National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse (2012)

The National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse, in conjunction with the Home Office and the Department of Health, has developed a Value for Money (VFM) model for evaluating cost effectiveness in relation to the previous drug strategy. The VFM model approximates the crime prevention and health improvement benefits of treatment and recovery.

This report portrays a detailed explanation of how estimates were calculated for the crime component of the VFM model. It focuses upon the economic/compulsive relationship as a key explanation for drug related crime. This relationship illustrates the ability of drug addicted individuals to develop a tolerance through daily compulsive use, which can result in an expensive addiction. It estimates that drug treatment and recovery systems in England may have prevented approximately 4.9m crimes in 2010-2011, saving society an estimated £960m in costs to the public, businesses, the criminal justice system and the National Health Service.

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