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The views of public health teams working in local authorities: year 1

By Royal Society for Public Health (2014)

This report is based on a survey of public health professionals working in local authorities and it found the majority believe health decisions are being made based on politics rather than evidence. It also found that the public health workforce perceives that budgets which are meant to be reserved for public health initiatives are not being ring fenced in practice. Nearly three quarters of respondents also suggested that financial restrictions are impacting upon their team’s ability to deliver health improvement initiatives. Respondants expressed mixed views regarding the role of health and wellbeing boards which have been set up as a forum to discuss local needs and influence commissioning decisions.

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Everyone counts: planning for patients 2014/15 to 2018/19

By NHS England (2014)

This guidance sets out the need for bold and ambitious five year
strategic plans from NHS commissioners. It describes an approach to
deliver transformational change with the first critical steps over the next
two years, to achieve the continued ambition to secure sustainable high
quality care for all, now and for future generations.

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Making change last: applying the NHS institute for innovation and improvement sustainability model to healthcare improvement

Doyle, C. et al. Implementation Science, 2013; 8: 127

The implementation of evidence-based treatments to deliver high-quality care is essential to meet the healthcare demands of aging populations. However, the sustainable application of recommended practice is difficult to achieve and variable outcomes well recognised. The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement Sustainability Model (SM) was designed to help healthcare teams recognise determinants of sustainability and take action to embed new
practice in routine care. This article describes a formative evaluation of the application of the SM by the National Institute for Health Research Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care for Northwest London.

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Employee outlook: focus on culture change and patient care in the NHS

By CIPD (Autumn 2013)

CIPD, in partnership with the Healthcare People Management Association (HPMA), commissioned YouGov to conduct a survey of employees working in the healthcare sector in the UK to find out their attitudes to working in the sector, the values in NHS organisations, trust within the health service, and culture change to improve patient care in the NHS.

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British Social Attitudes 30

By NatCen Social Research (2013)

This report charts three decades of public views on British society, politics and morality. It also details how the public’s view of the NHS has changed over the last 30 years and examines how satisfaction with the NHS has changed and how this correlates with particular policies or spending.

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The NHS belongs to the people: a call to action

By NHS England (July 2013)

In this document, NHS England calls on the public, NHS staff and politicians to have an open and honest debate about the future shape of the NHS in order to meet rising demand, introduce new technology and meet the expectations of its patients. It sets out the challenges facing the NHS, including more people living longer with more complex conditions, increasing costs whilst funding remains flat and rising expectation of the quality of care. It argues that the NHS must change to meet these demands and make the most of new medicines and technology and that it will not contemplate reducing or charging for core services.

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Large-system transformation in healthcare: a realist review

Best, A. et al. The Millbank Quarterly, 2012; 90 (3): 421-456

Realist review methodology can be applied in combination with a complex system lens on published literature to produce a knowledge synthesis
that informs a prospective change effort in large-system transformation.
A collaborative process engaging both research producers and research users
contributes to local applications of universal principles and mid-range theories,
as well as to a more robust knowledge base for applied research. We conclude
with suggestions for the future development of synthesis and evaluation

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