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Adult drinking habits in Great Britain: 2005 to 2016

By Office for National Statistics (2017)


Local alcohol profiles for England: mortality indicators, 2016 annual data update

By Public Health England (2016)

This quarterly update includes:

  • the addition of 2014 deaths to the 4 mortality indicators
  • an adjustment to mortality values across the previous years (because of a change in ICD10 coding for the most recent year)
  • a new drink driving indicator

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Alcohols impact on emergency services

By Institute of Alcohol Studies (2015)

This report reveals the full extent of the toll alcohol takes on emergency services in England. It presents a survey of police officers, ambulance and paramedic staff, accident and emergency department consultants and fire officers. It outlines both the financial burden on the emergency services and the human cost to frontline staff. The report also recommends a set of evidence-based policy measures to address this issue.

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Alcohol-specific activity in hospitals in England

By the Nuffield Trust (2015)

Alcohol misuse costs the UK economy an estimated £7.3 billion per year. In England alone, estimates suggest that over 15,000 people die from alcohol-related illnesses each year.

The costs to the NHS of alcohol-related harm arise from a number of areas. For example, up to 35% of all Accident & Emergency (A&E) attendance and ambulance costs may be alcohol related. In 2013/14, over a million hospital admissions were as a consequence of an alcohol-related diagnosis, and this figure is increasing. The effect is not only evident in hospital care, with 22 to 35% of GP visits estimated to be related to alcohol. The true impact of alcohol on the health service is likely to be even higher than this.

This report analyses both trends in A&E visits and trends in hospital admissions that are attributable to alcohol-specific activities. Based on the findings it explores opportunities for preventative action.

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Alcohol: cumulative impact policies

By House of Commons Library (2015)

This briefing paper discusses cumulative impact policies which are a tool for licencing authorities to limit the growth of licenced premises in problem areas.

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OECD outlines action for governments to tackle heavy cost of harmful drinking

By OECD (2015)

Harmful drinking is on the rise among young people and women in many OECD countries, partly due to alcohol becoming more available, more affordable and more effectively advertised, according to a new OECD report. Click here to view this report

Local alcohol profiles for England: latest update

By Public Health England (2015)

Alcohol use has health and social consequences borne by individuals, their families, and the wider community. The aim of these profiles is to provide information for local government, health organisations, commissioners and other agencies to monitor the impact of alcohol on local communities, and to monitor the services and initiatives that have been put in place to prevent and reduce the harmful impact of alcohol. Reducing harmful drinking is one of seven priority areas that Public Health England is focusing efforts on securing improvement. The indicators contained within the web-tool were selected following consultation with stakeholders and a review of the availability of routine data. The Local Alcohol Profiles for England (LAPE) are part of a series of products by Public Health England that provide local data alongside national comparisons to support local health improvement. Click here to view the profiles