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North West Population Health & Prevention Network: promoting multi-professional Public Health Practice

North West Population Health and Prevention Network (NWPHPN) is a multi professional public health network funded by Health Education England working across the North West. The network supports and develops the public health contribution and role of the healthcare, social care and voluntary sector workforce (wider public health workforce) in the North West of England.

The network contributes to the vision set out in HEE Framework 15 and NHS Five Year Forward View 2014 – specifically the strategic intentions associated with reduced health inequalities and improved population health outcomes. Key characteristics of our future health care workforce includes preventing ill health and assisting people to manage their own health care as appropriate – NWPHPN will enable this role, helping to create healthy cultures in NHS organisations – starting with the workforce. (The Kings Fund)

The network is specifically aimed at supporting the health and wellbeing role of a wide range of professions across the medical, non-medical and social care workforce across a range of settings such as local authorities, primary and secondary care, community care and voluntary sector.

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Making it better together: a call to action on the future of health and wellbeing boards

By Local Government Association (2015)

This call to action outlines a set of proposals to local system leaders and the government to strengthen the impact and leadership of health and wellbeing boards across the country. It also outlines the LGA and NHS Clinical Commissioners shared commitment to support boards to reach their full potential as system leaders driving forward changes that will improve the health of their communities.

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Moving services out of hospital: joining up General Practice and community services?

By Policy Research Unit in Commissioning and the Healthcare System (PRUComm) (2014)

This report summarises the findings of a rapid review undertaken by PRUComm of the available evidence of what factors should be taken into account in planning for the closer working of primary and community health/care services in order to increase the scope of services provided outside of hospitals. This report was commissioned by the Department of Health to provide background evidence to support policy development on primary and community health care integration.

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Commissioning better community services for NHS patients

By Monitor (2015)

This report looks at what CCGs are doing about community services as the contracts entered into after the Transforming Community Services programme expire. As contracts expire, commissioners need to consider what options are best for patients. This review of community services commissioning explaining how commissioners can support a move to more co-ordinated care for patients closer to home.

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Fir for Frailty: Guidance for GPs, Geriatricians, Health Service managers, social service managers and commissioners of services

By The British Geriatrics Society (2015)

Part 1 – Consensus best practice guidance for the care of older people living with frailty in community and outpatient settings

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Part 2 – Developing, commissioning and managing services for people living with frailty in community settings

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Ageing alone: lonliness and the ‘oldest old’

By Centre Forum (2014)

This report argues that loneliness should be a public health priority and explores practical steps that can be taken to reduce levels of loneliness among the oldest old. Addressed to politicians and policy makers in both central and local government, leaders and innovators in the voluntary and community sector, and wider society as a whole, the report urges them to give more priority to the services and support that we know can help older people avoid ageing in loneliness and isolation.

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Community services: how they can transform care

By The King’s Fund (2014)

This paper looks at the changes needed to realise the full potential of community services for transforming care. It finds that while the emphasis on moving care closer to home has resulted in some reductions in length of hospital stay, it is now time to focus on the bigger issue of how services need to change to fundamentally transform care.

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