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The district council contribution to public health: a time of challenge and opportunity

By The King’s Fund (2015)

This report was commissioned by the District Councils’ Network in 2015. Its intention is to contribute to the understanding, assessment and development of the role of district councils in improving the health of their citizens and communities. It focuses on district councils’ role in promoting public health through some of their key functions and enabling roles.

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Health and climate change: policy responses to protect public health

Article published in The Lancet, June 22nd 2015

This final report of the Lancet Commission on Health and Climate Change highlights the threat that climate change poses to public health. It argues that there is a key opportunity to invest in public health and build a resilient health system.

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Health and social care priorities for the Government: 2015-2020

By The Nuffield Trust (2015)

This briefing outlines ten possible key health and social care priorities for the new government, covering funding and finance, quality of care, new models of care and workforce.

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Annual fuel poverty statistics report, 2015

by Department of Energy & Climate Change (2015)

This publication provides a comprehensive view of the latest statistical trends and analysis of fuel poverty in England, including the number of households living in fuel poverty, analysis of the composition of the fuel poor group in 2013, projections of the number of households in fuel poverty in 2014 and 2015 and estimates of sub-regional fuel poverty.

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20 ebooks relating to Public Health have been purchased and are all freely accessible to all Public Heath Lancashire staff with an Athens username and password. 

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Tackling health inequalities: the case for investment in the wider public health workforce

By Royal Society for Public Health Vision, Voice & Practice (2014)

This report calls for greater investment and better understanding of the impact of the wider public health workforce – people who are not professionally qualified public health practitioners, but have the ability or opportunity to positively impact public health in their community. This includes health trainers, health champions, and non-health professionals. It argues that this “wider workforce” could be instrumental in reducing the burden of health inequalities – the financial cost of which was last estimated at close to £60bn.

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Supporting people to manage their health: an introduction to patient activation

By The King’s Fund (2014)

With 60 to 70 per cent of premature deaths caused by detrimental health behaviours, it is vital that people engage more with improving their own health. This paper introduces a way of conceptualising and measuring that engagement known as ‘patient activation’. Patient activation can be used to reduce health inequalities and deliver improved outcomes, better quality care and lower costs. Drawing on US and UK-based evidence, the paper describes the robust patient-reported measure used to gauge patient activation.

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