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Winterbourne view: time for change: Transforming the commissioning of services for people with learning disabilities and/or autism

By Transforming Care and Commissioning Steering Group (2014)

Sir Stephen Bubb, chief executive of charity leaders body ACEVO, was asked by NHS England to work with stakeholders and make recommendations for the development of a national commissioning framework to address the shortcomings in the provision of support for people with learning disabilities. The report makes a series of recommendations for the NHS, local government, regulators and the government, that include a robust NHS commissioning framework to support people with learning disabilities and autism move out of hospitals and into the community.

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The Bradley Report five years on: an independent review of progress to date and priorities for further development

By Centre for Mental Health (2014)

The Bradley Report was a six-month independent commission which reviewed the extent to which offenders with mental health problems or learning disabilities could be diverted from prison. This report looks at what has happened in the five years since the Bradley Report was published. It finds that there has been concerted action to improve support for people with mental health problems and those with learning difficulties in the criminal justice system, but this will need to be sustained for at least another five years to put the vision into practice nationwide.

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Autism – Quality Standard

By NICE (2014)

The provision of services for people with autism is varied across England and this quality standard is designed to standardise and improve the care and management of autism. It covers autism in children, young people and adults, including both health and social care services.

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Green Light Toolkit 2013

By NDTi (National Development Team for Inclusion) (2013)

A guide to auditing and improving your mental health services so that it is effective in supporting people with autism and people with learning disabilities.

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Getting on? growing older with autism: a policy report

By The National Autistic Society (2013)

This report sets out some of the key issues facing older people with autism and what government and other bodies need to do to make sure they have the services and support they need.

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Government published final report on Winterbourne View Hospital

By Department of Health (2012)

The final report into the events at Winterbourne View Hospital states that staff routinely mistreated and abused patients, and management allowed a culture of abuse to flourish. The warning signs were not picked up, and concerns raised by a whistleblower went unheeded. The report also reveals weaknesses in the system’s ability to hold the leaders of care organisations to account. In addition, it finds that many people are in hospital who don’t need to be. People with learning disabilities or autism, who also have mental health conditions or challenging behaviour can be, and have a right to be, given the support and care they need in the community, near to family and friends.

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Equally accessible? Making mental health services more accessible for learning disabled or autistic people

By Mental Health Network NHS Confederation (November 2012)

This paper reports findings from a study which found that people with autism or learning disabilities can suffer double the amount of setbacks if they need mental health support. It calls on providers and commissioners of mental health services to better accommodate the mental health needs of people with autism or learning disabilities.

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