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Waiting times for suspected and diagnosed cancer patients 2014-15 annual report

By NHS England (2015)

The latest annual statistics on waiting times for suspected and diagnosed cancer patients accessing NHS services were released on 20th May 2015 by NHS England according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

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Progress in improving cancer services and outcomes in England

By National Audit Office (2015)

This report finds that since the NAO last reported on cancer services, in 2010, overall outcomes for cancer patients have continued to improve. However, there is considerable scope to make further improvements in cancer services and patient outcomes across England.

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The rich picture: people with cancer

By Macmillan Cancer UK (2015)

This document is a collation of the key available evidence about the numbers, needs and experiences of people affected by cancer. It finds that 2.5 million people today are living with cancer in the UK, an increase of over half a million over the past five years. It argues that this increase puts huge pressure on the NHS, which will have difficulty coping unless urgent action is taken by all political parties. 

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Improving outcomes: a strategy for cancer: fourth annual report

By Department of Health (2014)

This report outlines the progress made against the national cancer strategy. It details progress against the ambition to save an additional 5,000 lives per year by 2015; progress in screening programmes; progress in ensuring better access for all to the best possible treatment, particularly radiotherapy; and developments in the collection and reporting of new datasets and the analysis of information, particularly accurate stage at diagnosis data for England.

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