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Health and social care information sources: a guide for journalists

By Health & Social Care Information Centre (2015)

Health and social care information sources – a guide for journalists, England, 2015, is a resource for journalists, press teams and others with an interest in health and social care information. It is intended to signpost sources of some of the main areas of health and social care information in England.

The HSCIC produces over 220 national statistical publications per year, covering topics in health, technology and social care. These anonymised, aggregated figures provide a wealth of data and insight to the NHS and wider health and social care sectors, helping to plan services, identify trends and research into particular illnesses and conditions.

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Transforming local public services: using technology and digital tools and approaches

By Local Government Association (2014)

This research aims to capture examples of where councils have used technology and digital tools and approaches to deliver services that are better target and more efficient. This report demonstrates that there is significant technological innovation in local government, and finds that it is being applied with real skill and thoughtfulness. Councils have learned lessons from technology projects in the past, and are increasingly using agile and flexible project management approaches to implementation, belying the myth that the public sector cannot effectively implement change supported by information technology.

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Knowledge strategy: harnessing the power of information to improve the public’s health

By Public Health England (October 2013)

This consultation looks at PHE’s strategic approach to knowledge and information. This strategy describes the priorities PHE proposes to support, articulates a vision and starts to outline the ways in which that vision could be realised. The consultation closes on 8th November 2013.

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Information: to share or not to share: Government response to the Caldicott Review

By Department of Health (September 2013)

The government accepts all the recommendations of the Caldicott report and highlights that while information sharing is essential to provide good care for everyone, there are rules that must be followed.

The ambitions of this response are that:

  • everyone will feel confident that information about their health and care is secure, protected and shared appropriately when that is in their interest
  • people will be better informed about how their information is used and shared while they are receiving care, including how it could be used in anonymised form for research, for public health and to create better services
  • if people don’t want their information to be shared in this way, they will know how to object if they want to
  • people will be increasingly able to access their own health and care records

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