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The state of health care and adult social care in England 2015/16

By Care Quality Commission (2016)

This annual assessment of the quality of health and adult social care in England has found that most health and adult social care services in England are providing people with safe, high quality and compassionate care – but with pressures rising on demand, access and cost, this report raises concerns about how long this can last. The report also highlights the impact of the fragility of the adult social care market on those who rely on these services and on the performance of NHS care. 

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North West Population Health & Prevention Network: promoting multi-professional Public Health Practice

North West Population Health and Prevention Network (NWPHPN) is a multi professional public health network funded by Health Education England working across the North West. The network supports and develops the public health contribution and role of the healthcare, social care and voluntary sector workforce (wider public health workforce) in the North West of England.

The network contributes to the vision set out in HEE Framework 15 and NHS Five Year Forward View 2014 – specifically the strategic intentions associated with reduced health inequalities and improved population health outcomes. Key characteristics of our future health care workforce includes preventing ill health and assisting people to manage their own health care as appropriate – NWPHPN will enable this role, helping to create healthy cultures in NHS organisations – starting with the workforce. (The Kings Fund)

The network is specifically aimed at supporting the health and wellbeing role of a wide range of professions across the medical, non-medical and social care workforce across a range of settings such as local authorities, primary and secondary care, community care and voluntary sector.

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Mental health integration past, present and future: a report of national survey into mental health integration in England

By NHS Health Education North West (2016)

This report examines the impact of change on the integration of health and social care in mental health services. This was done through the use of a comprehensive survey of a range of professionals, and interviews with local and national leaders across England involved in both mental health provision and social care along with a review of published literature.

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At a cross-roads: the future likelihood of low incomes in old age

By Centre for Later Life Funding (2015)

This paper argues that a strategy for later life funding must secure effective funding for adult social care. It also recommends implementing the Dilnot reforms and finding ways of ensuring the provision of mass market financial advice.

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Health and social care priorities for the Government: 2015-2020

By The Nuffield Trust (2015)

This briefing outlines ten possible key health and social care priorities for the new government, covering funding and finance, quality of care, new models of care and workforce.

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Health and social care information sources: a guide for journalists

By Health & Social Care Information Centre (2015)

Health and social care information sources – a guide for journalists, England, 2015, is a resource for journalists, press teams and others with an interest in health and social care information. It is intended to signpost sources of some of the main areas of health and social care information in England.

The HSCIC produces over 220 national statistical publications per year, covering topics in health, technology and social care. These anonymised, aggregated figures provide a wealth of data and insight to the NHS and wider health and social care sectors, helping to plan services, identify trends and research into particular illnesses and conditions.

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A new settlement of health and social care: final report

By The King’s Fund (September 2014)

The Barker Report proposes a new approach that redesigns care around individual needs regardless of diagnosis, with a graduated increase in support as needs rise, particularly towards the end of life.

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