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Transforming health care in nursing homes

By The Nuffield Trust (2018)

This study finds that a new GP service offering seven-day-a-week support to four nursing homes has resulted in a 36 per cent reduction in emergency admissions to hospital, with the largest reductions happening during the last three months of a person’s life.

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Dementia in older age: barriers to primary prevention and factors

By Public Health England (2017)

These evidence reviews, authored by the Personal Social Services Research Unit at the London School of Economics, aim to aid commissioners and researchers make decisions about prioritisation of primary prevention measures relevant to dementia. The reviews find evidence that changing some behaviours in midlife can reduce the chances of getting dementia in older age.

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Hidden in plain sight: the unmet mental health needs of older people

By Age UK (2016)

According to this report, the current availability of mental health services does not meet the increasingly high demand from an ageing population. It also found that over a third of mental health trusts in England have no policies for providing integrated care for people over 65 with both mental and physical health needs.

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Who knows best? Older people’s contribution to understanding and preventing avoidable hospital admissions

By Health Services Management Centre (2016)

The report interviews 104 older people exploring their experiences of emergency admissions. It focuses on whether the older people felt it was appropriate to be admitted to hospital and whether they thought anything could have prevented their admission.

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Excellence in continence care: practical guidance for commissioners, providers, health and social care staff and information for the public

By NHS England (2015)

This guidance finds that increased preventative services, good quality, easily available information and advice, as well as integrated health and social care could have a significant impact on the numbers of children and adults suffering with continence issues and the severity of their health and social problems. It brings together the most up-to-date evidence based resources and research to support commissioners and providers of health services to enable them to make real and lasting changes to raise standards of care for continence. It encourages greater collaboration between health and social care, working in partnership with the third sector, as set out in the NHS Five Year Forward View.

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Briefing: The health and care of older people in England 2015

By Age UK (2015)

This report examines trends in funding, provision and the use of health and care services to investigate whether the health and care system is meeting the needs of older people in England.

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At a cross-roads: the future likelihood of low incomes in old age

By Centre for Later Life Funding (2015)

This paper argues that a strategy for later life funding must secure effective funding for adult social care. It also recommends implementing the Dilnot reforms and finding ways of ensuring the provision of mass market financial advice.

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