Journals & Databases

Evidence Search

Evidence search provides access to selected and authoritative evidence in health, social care and public health.

It combines evidence on health, drugs and technologies, public health, social care, and healthcare management and commissioning in one place
It brings together high quality consolidated and synthesised evidence from hundreds of trusted sources.
It includes guidance, systematic reviews, evidence summaries and patient information.
It is freely available, without needing to log in.
The content is refreshed regularly and up to date.
Full text of the search results can be freely obtained in most cases.
It offers filters to manage search results, allowing access to relevant information more quickly.

The following databases and journal titles are available full-text providing you have an NHS Athens account.

To apply for an NHS Athens account please click here

Databases available to search with an NHS Athens Username

The following databases are available to search with your NHS Athens username

NHS Evidence Search databases 

There are links to the electronic full-text where available, and notification of print copies in your local NHS library. Databases provided through NLH Search 2.0 are: AMED (Ovid), BNI (Ovid), CINAHL (EBSCO), Embase (Ovid), HMIC: DH-Data and Kings Fund (Ovid), Medline (Ovid) and Psycinfo (Ovid)

NHS Evidence Search Journals


Internurse is part of a collection of databases from MAG Online. All journals on this nursing database are available full text. Your Public Health Lancashire Athens username will give you access.

 Public Health England Journals

In 2017 Public Health England purchased over 1300 journals for Public Health Staff. You can search for journals or articles on specific topics through this website.

If you need training on how to use any of the databases/resources effectively, contact the


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