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Alcohol and mental health: policy and practice in England

By Centre for Mental Health (2018)

This report highlights that people who have difficulties with alcohol and mental health are still not getting the help and support they need. It is based on a survey and seminar session held with professionals working in mental health and/or alcohol services across the country. It finds that co-morbidity is a barrier to treatment, and support for people with co-occurring alcohol and mental health problems is too often poor and fragmented.

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Hidden in plain sight: the unmet mental health needs of older people

By Age UK (2016)

According to this report, the current availability of mental health services does not meet the increasingly high demand from an ageing population. It also found that over a third of mental health trusts in England have no policies for providing integrated care for people over 65 with both mental and physical health needs.

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Best start in life: promoting good emotional wellbeing and mental health for children and young people

By Local Government Association (2016)

Tackling mental illness in children should begin before they are born, at a time when expectant mothers can suffer mental health problems, this report suggests. It says that early interactions and experiences directly affect how a child’s brain develops and concludes it is vital that intervention is made at this critical stage to reduce the chances of mental illness developing in children.

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Mental health integration past, present and future: a report of national survey into mental health integration in England

By NHS Health Education North West (2016)

This report examines the impact of change on the integration of health and social care in mental health services. This was done through the use of a comprehensive survey of a range of professionals, and interviews with local and national leaders across England involved in both mental health provision and social care along with a review of published literature.

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Debt and health: a briefing

By The Picker Institute (2015)

This briefing focuses on the relationship between debt and health including the health related consequences of debt, the impact it can have on individual mental health and recommendations for implication prevention.

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Exploring how avalable NHS data can be used to show the inequality gap in mental healthcare

By Open Public Services Network (2015)

This project, funded by the Cabinet Office Public Sector Transparency Board, set out to explore how far public data about mental health services could be turned into useful public information for people using those services, their families and local communities.

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Choice in mental health care: guidance on implementing patients legal rights to choose the provider and team for their mental health care

By NHS England (2014)

This guidance aims to help commissioners, GPs and providers support mental health patients exercising their legal rights to choose who provides their care and treatment. This guidance has been updated to reflect suggestions from consultation which highlighted the need for further clarity and it also includes a set of clinical scenarios to illustrate how mental health patients’ legal rights should work in practice.

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