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Tackling the causes and effects of obesity

By Local Government Association (2015)

This report argues that health problems associated with being overweight or obese cost the country £5 billion per year, with numbers of people with obesity predicted to more than double in the next 40 years. It warns that councils do not have enough money in their public health budgets to properly tackle obesity once mandatory services such as sexual health and drug and alcohol services have been paid for. The report calls for a fifth of existing VAT raised on sweets, crisps, takeaway food and sugary drinks to go to boost council-run grassroots initiatives with a proven track record, such as leisure activities and health awareness campaigns.

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What stakeholders think of Public Health England

By Ipsos MORI Social research Institute (2015)

A summary of findings.

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Specialist substance misuse treatment for young people in England 2013-14

By Public Health England (2015)

This report contains the latest statistics on specialist substance misuse treatment for young people in England during 2013 to 2014.

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Developing a public health outcome measure for children aged 2 – 2½ using ASQ-3™

By Department of Health (2015)

This factsheet, for health visiting providers and others involved in the roll-out of the ASQ-3™ tool, explains how the tool will be used to collect data for a public health outcome measure of child development at age 2.
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Fir for Frailty: Guidance for GPs, Geriatricians, Health Service managers, social service managers and commissioners of services

By The British Geriatrics Society (2015)

Part 1 – Consensus best practice guidance for the care of older people living with frailty in community and outpatient settings

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Part 2 – Developing, commissioning and managing services for people living with frailty in community settings

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Progress in improving cancer services and outcomes in England

By National Audit Office (2015)

This report finds that since the NAO last reported on cancer services, in 2010, overall outcomes for cancer patients have continued to improve. However, there is considerable scope to make further improvements in cancer services and patient outcomes across England.

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State of the nation: challenges for 2015 and beyond

By Diabetes UK (2015)

This report argues that diabetes healthcare in England is leading to avoidable deaths, record rates of complications and huge costs to the NHS. The findings of this research show that there has been very little overall improvement in diabetes healthcare in the past year, with 40 per cent of people with diabetes still not getting the NICE recommended checks that they need to manage their condition. It calls for CCGs to set themselves performance improvement targets and implement diabetes action plans.

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