Monthly Archives: October 2015

Obesity statistics

By House of Commons Library (2015)

This briefing gives statistics on obesity for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with international comparisons. Breakdowns by age, gender, local authority and deprivation are given where possible, and data for both adult and child obesity is covered. In addition to statistics on the prevalence of obesity, this briefing gives statistics on prescriptions of drugs for obesity, trends in bariatric surgery, and the detrimental effect of obesity on health.

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At a cross-roads: the future likelihood of low incomes in old age

By Centre for Later Life Funding (2015)

This paper argues that a strategy for later life funding must secure effective funding for adult social care. It also recommends implementing the Dilnot reforms and finding ways of ensuring the provision of mass market financial advice.

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Making it better together: a call to action on the future of health and wellbeing boards

By Local Government Association (2015)

This call to action outlines a set of proposals to local system leaders and the government to strengthen the impact and leadership of health and wellbeing boards across the country. It also outlines the LGA and NHS Clinical Commissioners shared commitment to support boards to reach their full potential as system leaders driving forward changes that will improve the health of their communities.

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How can and should the UK adjust to dementia?

By Joseph Rowntree Foundation (2015)

This publication explores the various ways in which adaptations and adjustments should be made to meet the growing demands of an ageing population with an increased prevalence of dementia. It argues that a more holistic approach encompassing more than health and social care services should be considered.

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Transforming our health care system: 10 priorities for commissioners

By The King’s Fund (2015)

This paper sets out ten actions for commissioners to help them transform the health care system to deliver a more efficient and effective system with improved outcomes for patients. This paper was originally published in March 2011 and we have updated it to reflect changes within the NHS.

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