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Local authorities improving oral health: commissioning better oral health for children and young people: an evidence-informed toolkit for local authorities

By Department of Health (2014)

This guidance aims to support local authorities to commission oral health improvement programmes for children and young people aged up to 19 years. It provides an evidence-informed approach with examples of good practice.

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Delivering better oral health: an evidence-based toolkit for prevention

By Public Health England (2014)

This guidance provides evidence based interventions and advice on how dental health professionals can improve and maintain the oral and general health of their patients.

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Patient, manager, expert: individual – Improving the sustainability of the healthcare system by removing barriers for people with long-term conditions

By Recipes for Sustainable Healthcare (2014)

This report makes recommendations for how the delivery of NHS care can be made more sustainable and help to improve outcomes for people living with long-term conditions.

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The Peter Sowerby commissioning report: bringing together primary and secondary care data to improve patient care

By Imperial College London (2014)

After a year long investigation, the Sowerby Commission, a group of experts established by the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London with a grant from the Peter Sowerby Foundation, has concluded that there are major benefits to health from sharing records, first by ensuring all staff caring for a patient have access to details of  their condition, medication and test results, and secondly to improve care for the whole population through audit and research – the results of which should be advertised to bolster public support.

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Pushing the majority: the flawed theory behind alcohol control policies

By Institute of Economic Affairs (2014)

This paper examines governmental alcohol control policies and makes recommendations towards a focus on hard-reduction and rehabilitation rather than interventions on price and availability.

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Transitions at the end of life for older adults: patient, carer and professional perspectives: a mixed-methods study

By Hanratty, B. et al. Health Services & Delivery Research, 2014; 2 (17)

The aim of this study was to understand the experiences, influences and consequences of transitions between settings for older adults at the end of life. Three conditions, heart failure, lung cancer and stroke, were the focus of study, chosen to represent differing disease trajectories.

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