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Public health in government: 1 year on

By Local Government Association (2014)

Public health made the formal transfer to local government in April 2013, with the hope of tackling the wider social and economic determinants of poor health. This publication aims to capture the thoughts of those working in the new system with contributions from councillors, directors of public health, providers, commissioners, GPs, academics and other key decision makers.

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Ageing alone: lonliness and the ‘oldest old’

By Centre Forum (2014)

This report argues that loneliness should be a public health priority and explores practical steps that can be taken to reduce levels of loneliness among the oldest old. Addressed to politicians and policy makers in both central and local government, leaders and innovators in the voluntary and community sector, and wider society as a whole, the report urges them to give more priority to the services and support that we know can help older people avoid ageing in loneliness and isolation.

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Promising practice: enabling better access to primary care for vulnerable populations: examples of good local practice

By Inclusion Health (2014)

This report includes examples of good primary care that improves registration and access to care. It outlines what makes good practice and explains why the chosen approaches are successful in improving access to primary care.

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Cancer in the UK 2014: state of the nation report

By Macmillan Cancer Support (2014)

This report examines issues that matter most to cancer patients and reveals that tens of thousands of UK cancer patients are diagnosed too late, shown a lack of compassion, or denied a ‘good’ death.

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Improving children and young people’s health

By Department of Health (2014)

The Children and Young People’s Health Outcomes Forum (CYPHOF) annual report reviews progress on improving health outcomes for children and young people. This report is for those who have an interest and contribution to make towards improving children and young people’s health outcomes. This includes national and local Government, and those leading and working in the health, healthcare, social care and education system and wider children’s sector.

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Living well for longer: national support for local action to reduce premature avoidable mortality

By Department of Health (2014)

This document sets out how the health and care system aims to become amongst the best in Europe at reducing levels of avoidable mortality. Focusing on cancer, stroke, heart, liver and lung diseases, it sets out  examples of good practice and help for local commissioning and service delivery.

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Physical activity and the environment – evidence update

By NICE (2014)

This Evidence Update provides a summary of selected new evidence published since the literature search was last conducted for the following NICE guidance:
Physical activity and the environment. NICE public health guidance 8 (2008)

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