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UK Chief Medical Officers’ Physical Activity Guidelines

By Department for Health & Social Care (2019)

These guidelines are for health professionals, policy-makers and others working to promote physical activity, sport and exercise for health benefits. They emphasise the importance of building strength and balance for adults, and include recommendations for pregnant women, new mothers and people with disabilities.

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Physical activity and the environment

by NICE (2018)

This guideline covers how to improve the physical environment to encourage and support physical activity. The aim is to increase the general population’s physical activity levels. The recommendations in this guideline should be read alongside NICE’s guideline on physical activity: walking and cycling.


This guideline includes recommendations on:
•strategies, policies and plans to increase physical activity in the local environment
•active travel
•public open spaces

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What works in schools and colleges to increase physical activity?

By Public Health England (2015)

This briefing provides an overview from the evidence about what works in schools and colleges to increase levels of physical activity among children and young people. It is aimed at head teachers, college principals, staff working in education settings, directors of public health and wider partners.

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Challenging children’s inactivity

By Fit for Sport (2015)

In 2014, Fit For Sport conducted a simple physical activity test to assess key indicators of health and physical literacy of primary age children in 80 schools across the UK. This report includes some of the key findings.

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Promoting physical activity for children and young people

By NICE (2015)

A summary of selected new evidence relevant to NICE public health guidance 17 ‘Promoting physical activity for children and young people’ (2009)

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Differences between 9-11 year old British Pakistani and white British girls in physical activity and behavior during school recess

Pollard, T. et al. BMC Public Health, 2012; 12: 1087

School recess provides an important opportunity for children to engage in physical activity. Previous studies indicate that children and adults of South Asian origin are less active than other ethnic groups in the United Kingdom, but have not investigated whether activity differs within the shared school environment. The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that British Pakistani girls aged 9–11 years are less active during recess than White British girls.

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