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Alcohol treatment in England 2012-13

By Public Health England (2013)

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Compare your care: the asthma reports

By Asthma UK (2013)

Asthma UK wanted to know whether the care that people were receiving for their asthma matched up to the standards they should expect so they launched the Compare Your Care quiz. This report presents the findings and shows that there are some aspects of asthma care which many people are receiving. However, it finds that not everyone is receiving care that fully meets standards and some simple but effective aspects of care that could help prevent asthma attacks are not consistently being provided. The reports also include recommendations to help the NHS improve asthma care across the UK.

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Health literacy and health information producers: report of the findings of a UK wide survey of information producers and providers

By Patient Information Forum (2013)

This survey sought to gain insight into health literacy from the information producer perspective; exploring whether information producers know what it means and how important they think it is; what specific strategies they have to address the needs of people with low health literacy and how these strategies are implemented. The findings show that although information producers in the UK have a good understanding of health literacy and its importance, they lack the tools and skills with which to develop appropriate resources and services that meet the needs of people with low health literacy.

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12 minutes: the importance of physical activity, sports and exercise, in order to improve health, personal finances and the pressure on the NHS

By Nuffield Health (2013)

This report reveals that early indicators of poor mental health are on the increase. It also finds that GPs are 46 times more likely to prescribe medication than explore medically proven alternative options, like exercise. This report calls for all GPs in the UK to take a ‘diagnose, consider exercise, refer, treat’ approach to physical activity when patients present with early signs of mental ill health.

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Managing financial difficulties in health economies: lessons for clinical commissioning groups

By The Nuffield Trust (2013)

This report examines why some health economies have been more successful than others in balancing their finances and outlines some key lessons for clinical commissioning groups. It suggests that effectively managing finances is a careful balancing act between delivering short-term balance and strategic planning; between challenge and collaboration; and between an internal and economy-wide focus.

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Improving diagnosis

By Teenage Cancer Trust (October 2013)

This report found that over a third of young people with cancer (37%) are diagnosed through admission to accident and emergency. This is nearly three times the number of adults diagnosed in this way (13%). Of these young people, over a quarter (26%) had already been to see their GP with cancer symptoms. It also highlights that diagnosis through A&E is associated with poorer prognosis and poorer care experience.

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Directors of public health in local government: roles, responsibilities and context

By Public Health England (2013)

This guidance describes both the statutory and non-statutory elements of the role of director of public health, and sets out the arrangements that allow local authorities to have confidence in their appointments. The appointment guidance offers more detailed advice and good practice on the process for the joint appointment of directors of public health by local authorities and Public Health England.

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