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Report of the independent review of adult screening programmes in England

By NHS England (2019)

This report says that the NHS has the opportunity to upgrade cancer screening to save thousands more lives each year. It calls for people to be given much greater choice over when and where they are screened, and recommends that local screening services should put on extra evening and weekend appointments for breast, cervical and other cancer checks.

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Investigation into the management of health screening

By National Audit Office (2019)

This report finds that the proportion of eligible adults receiving health screening is inconsistent across different areas in England and that services are not operating to the ‘agreed standards’. The investigation focused on: delivery of health screening programmes; performance of health screening programmes; oversight of health screening programmes; and progress in implementing change in screening programmes.

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Cervical screening campaign – March 2019

Click here to see a promotional email regarding Public Health England’s new national campaign, to start in March 2019, to increase cervical cancer screening


Guidance for the development, production and review of information to support UK population screening programmes

By UK National Screening Committee (2018)

This guidance provides the four UK nations with best practice in terms of developing public information resources such as leaflets to support the national screening programmes. It also provides a definition of ‘personal informed choice’.

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