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Public Health England Health & Justice Report 2014

By Public Health England (2015)

This report details the important changes in the health and justice system and discusses the public health needs of people in prisons and other prescribed places of detention. It found that this group experienced a number of health inequalities, including suffering a higher burden of chronic illnesses, mental health and substance misuse problems than the general public. It argues that improving health in prisons can help deal with entrenched inequalities, ultimately benefiting the health of the communities to which the majority of prisoners return, while tackling substance misuse problems in prisons also helps to reduce re-offending rates.

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The Bradley Report five years on: an independent review of progress to date and priorities for further development

By Centre for Mental Health (2014)

The Bradley Report was a six-month independent commission which reviewed the extent to which offenders with mental health problems or learning disabilities could be diverted from prison. This report looks at what has happened in the five years since the Bradley Report was published. It finds that there has been concerted action to improve support for people with mental health problems and those with learning difficulties in the criminal justice system, but this will need to be sustained for at least another five years to put the vision into practice nationwide.

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