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Promising approaches to reducing lonliness and isolation in later life

By Age UK (2015)

This report raises concerns around loneliness in older people and the public health risks that are associated with social isolation in later life. It sets out a new framework for understanding how to tackle the problem, presenting a range of projects and examples from around the country demonstrating the many, varied solutions needed for an effective response to a very personal problem. It calls on action from various sectors including social care and public health.

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Ageing, longevity and demographic change: a factpack of statistics from the international longevity centre-UK

By International Longevity Centre-UK (2013)

This factpack provides statistics on a range of topics from life expectancy to housing supply, from pensions to the popularity of smart-phones amongst today’s older generations. The information has been collated from a range of official sources including the Office for National Statistics, the European Commission and from other research organisations.

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